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Zinostar Yacht

If you go to Eilat by the Red Sea you have to enjoy a day cruise with Zino Star a personal friend of mine he will spoil you!🇮🇱❤️🇮🇱
 Cruises for groups in Eilat
? Planning cruises for groups in Eilat

 Zinostar Yacht
 If you are planning cruises for groups in Eilat you will probably be happy to know that this can be done all year long.  However, cruises to groups in Eilat must be done by a quality ship tailored to the requirements and needs of the group members, for example to suit those who want to view the scenery, those who want to do some marine activity and even those who just want to sunbathe.
 If that sounds impossible to you we invite you to get acquainted with Zinostar – the Zinostar family yacht where you can enjoy all that and even more, such as eating a kosher lunch from the best of home Moroccan cuisine, partying for various reasons, watching the open sea dolphin riff, watching the spectacular sunset over  Mountains are red and more.
 Although thanks to the weather in Eilat every recommendation becomes hot, the recommendations on the Zinostar are particularly warm recommendations and it has hosted famous people we all know.  You've probably heard of Shlomo Artzi, Sylvester Stallone, Zubin Mehta, Goldie Hon, Enrique Messias and many others.
 This is just the beginning
 You may be surprised to know this is only the beginning and the group sailing on a yacht can be adjusted for various purposes, such as having birthday parties, singles parties, singles parties, bar / bat mitzvahs and more as you wish.

We are sure you will not regret choosing Zinostar for one reason – it is the right choice for everyone in group cruises in Eilat and you will surely enjoy a successful cruise.  We even believe that after cruising the land mice you want to turn into sea mice, but you have to sail on Zinostar to see this wonder yourself .. We recommend not to just forget a sunscreen, towel and wide-brimmed swimsuit so we set?  We will meet at the marina.


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